Keeping the

Spirit Alive

What We Fund

This is how you help us make St. Pat’s a Home- and ensure our ability to deliver meaningful programs and first-rate, compassionate care.


Every day at St. Patrick’s Home, the staff and volunteers work together to cultivate a warm, welcoming and caring environment – a home- where the social, spiritual and medical needs of residents are considered and reflected in their care. Our philosophy is to focus on residents’ abilities so we can help them live as fully and independently as their personal situation allows.

Contributions to St. Patrick’s Home Foundation play a crucial role in realizing this model of care. Throughout 2019, donations will be directed to the priority programs and needs listed below: 


Spiritual care is an essential part of our Home’s values and history, and is a vital factor in the health and well-being of residents. At St. Pat’s, we provide regular opportunities for worship, prayer and reflection, as well as pastoral visits, counselling and palliative care support for residents and their loved ones.


Maintaining connections to the community-at-large, participating in favourite activities outside of the home, and building relationships with others are key aspects of healthy living. As such, St. Pat’s organizes large and small group outings to baseball and hockey games, theatre productions or exhibitions treat days at Tim Horton’s and Dairy Queen, High Tea or the Soirée, a tour of the fall leaves, and more.


Music is integrated into daily life at St. Patrick’s Home – for its therapeutic benefits and the joy it brings to all. From Music Circles that bring 30+ people together to make music and enjoy song, to pianists that perform in our resident home areas, to professional bands, music helps to increase social engagement, improve mood, and enhance feelings of happiness, belonging and community.


Ongoing education and training is one of the most important things we do to equip staff with the information, tools and practical experience they need to effectively support residents. The Home has identified DementiAbility™ training and certification for 30 staff as an urgent priority for 2019. This training will prepare staff to share key learnings and training with others.


We look forward to working with the Home, Family Council and Residents’ Council to raise funds for capital revitalization projects such as the refurbishment of the secure Larry Kelly Family Garden. More information will be available in the coming months.

If you would like to donate to one of our priority funding needs simply fill out the form below, or call 613-731-4660 Ext. 353