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Music Therapy, Music Circles and Entertainment


Your Support Matters Here

Music has always been woven into the fabric of St. Patrick’s Home, and as the benefits of music therapy becomes more evident – its importance and use has only grown. Studies reveal that music has the power to boost engagement, foster social interaction, improve mood and behaviour, and soothe the soul. So it with thanks to our generous, loyal family of donors that we can support:

Music & Memories 

Music engages broad networks in our brains, including the area responsible for autobiographical memories. This area continues to function quite well, even as other areas of the brain are diminished. This makes music a wonderful tool for supporting residents with dementia, and connecting them with their past, with the present, and with others.

Music and Memories is an effective, evidence-based therapy program in which residents receive an iPod filled with music that reflects their life and musical preferences, a set of headphones and a charging station. Each of our nine living rooms at St. Pat’s have also been equipped with a Bose speaker system so that staff can play seasonal, classical or oldies music for the residents gathered there.

Music Circles & Entertainment 

Three times each month, Music Circles led by Ottawa musician Brian Simms, bring 20-40 residents together with volunteers and family members to enjoy an hour of song and music-making. In addition, special performances by country duos, jazz bands, violinists, folk singers, choral groups, Elvis impersonators and musical theatre troupes take place nearly every week in The Gathering Place and draw crowds of 65 to 90 people.

We’re grateful to the donors that help us provide these programs that are cherished by our residents and their families; and make St. Pat’s the outstanding, spirited home that it is.