St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Foundation
Board of Directors

About Us: St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Foundation is blessed with a community of supporters that are devoted to the health, well-being, and quality of life of the 288 men and women that reside at St. Pat’s. They are loyal, and generous and choose to give to our Foundation because they know their donations enhance the residents’ lives, and contribute to the warmth and vibrancy of their Home.

Our Foundation is a registered charitable organization that is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. While we operate independently of St. Patrick’s Home, our mission is to support the vision, mission, values, and strategic priorities of the Home.

Generally speaking, our annual campaign helps to fund the provision of quality, person-directed care; the delivery of meaningful programs such as spiritual and pastoral care, music therapy, community, and social engagement initiatives; the purchase of essential medical equipment; and other projects or employee training programs that are a priority for St. Pat’s, but are not covered by government allocations or residents’ accommodation fees.

Location: Ottawa, Ontario (meetings are held by Zoom and/or in-person)

 Salary: Unpaid, volunteer position

Organization size: St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Foundation is staffed by three full-time employees. Its annual operating budget is $400,000.

Composition of the Board: Ideally, the Foundation will be governed by a diverse and inclusive Board of Directors that is comprised of six to ten members with expertise, employment, or other experience in the following areas/sectors –

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • Law
  • Strategic and/or executive leadership
  • Human resources, performance management, organizational management
  • Marketing, communications, or public relations
  • Information technology
  • Housing, real estate, construction
  • Small business, entrepreneurship
  • Non-profit sector – governance, fundraising, committee work, campaign cabinet participation
  • Personal connection to St. Patrick’s Home (e.g., next-of-kin, volunteer)

Committees: Each member of the Board of Directors is encouraged to be a member of one of the following committees, in addition to their role on the Board. We also invite external members of the community with specific expertise to serve on these committees.

  1. Finance Committee
  2. Governance and Nominating Committee
  3. Fundraising Committee(s)

 Time Commitment: The Board of Directors holds a minimum of three meetings per year, including the Annual General Meeting. Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called on occasion by the Chair of the Board to deal with important or urgent issues that arise between scheduled meetings. A package of meeting materials is provided to the Board one week prior to each meeting, which typically runs from 4:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.

The Finance Committee typically meets one week prior to each meeting of the Board of Directors. The Governance Committee typically meets three times per year, with additional meetings scheduled as required. Fundraising Committees will be struck as required to support the annual or special campaigns, and/or signature fundraising events.

Expression of Interest: To express your interest in joining the Board of Directors please contact Meg Friedman, Executive Director by email at MegFriedman@stpats.ca or by phone at (613) 731-4660 x350.

Thank you.

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You can learn more about the Foundation by visiting our website at www.stpatsfoundation.ca or by following us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.