Keeping the

Spirit Alive



Every St. Patrick’s Home Foundation project directly benefits our residents.


Remember when you were young and not feeling well? My mom would make me a bowl of homemade chicken soup. She’d give me a hug and wrap me in a warm blanket to help me feel better.

Here at St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa, we do our best to recreate this kind of compassionate care for our residents, through our Palliative and Spiritual Care program. This program sets St. Pat’s Home apart from many other care homes. In fact, you could say that the Palliative and Spiritual Care program is the heart and soul of our Home!

You are an essential part of this program as well. Your generous support helps ensure our residents’ physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual needs are taken care of.

As you can imagine, coming into a long-term care home is a difficult and emotional time for residents, families and loved ones. Residents like Cathy, Lionel and Patricia all came to St. Pat’s unsure of what to expect. Yet all three are quick to share how much they deeply appreciate the kind and compassionate care offered by our staff and volunteers. They also enjoy the opportunity to volunteer, participate in our Choir, consult with pastoral staff, attend Mass, and much more. You can read their stories in the enclosed note.

With your support of our Palliative and Spiritual Care program today by purchasing tickets for the St. Patrick’s Home 2018 Lottery? Even if you prefer not to purchase a lottery ticket, you can still make a special gift in support of our Palliative and Spiritual Care program today.

2018 Lottery tickets go on sale December 6th, 2017. 

2018 Lottery Draw Dates

Early Bird Draw: $15,000 & $5,000………………………………………. March 14, 2018 
Grand Prize Draw: $20,000, $5,000 and 5 draws of $1,000 …… April 18th, 2018

For Lottery Terms and Conditions, please see: 2018-lottery-draw-terms-conditions-for-website