Each year, the volunteers of St. Patrick’s Home contribute more than 14,000 hours to enhance resident and Home life. This dedicated group supports recreation programs and special events, assists with music and dance circles, porters residents to mass, the hair salon and other activities, make social visits and pet visits, provides pastoral and palliative care support to residents and families, and so much more. Last week, in celebration of National Volunteer Week we hosted our Annual Volunteer Awards Dinner. Each year, we use this time to acknowledge the vital contribution of our volunteers in making St. Pat’s the warm, caring and vibrant community that it is. 


St. Patrick’s Home Hours of Service Awards 

7000 Hours
Pauline Ralph

4500 Hours
Maureen Strimas 



4000 Hours
Tom Forbes
Patricia Morgan
Glen Tucker

3000 Hours
Charlotte Forbes

1500 Hours
Frances Beare
Lila Bradley
Patricia Brighton
Effie Corriveau
Janet Murray

1000 Hours
Frank Duggan

500 Hours
Denise Collins 
Monica McGahey
Rita Mohan

Ottawa South Volunteer Recognition Initiative

Heidi Martin
Paul St. Louis 
Tom Forbes
Rita Mohan
Ken Gordan



Monica McGahey
Margaret Williams
Lynne Middleton
Barbara O’Conner
Beryl Emmons

Ontario Volunteer Service Award

Names of Recipient
Gwen Ayotte
Lorena Duncan
France Singlehurst
Lucy Goveas
Mary Ann Ladd
Ellen Healey

5 Years of Service
5 Years of Service
10 Years of Service
15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service
20 Years of Service