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Person-Centred Care and Training

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Person-Centred Care and Training

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Ongoing education and training equips staff with the knowledge and practical experience they need to effectively support residents.

The Pioneer Network 

The Pioneer Network Conference teaches person-centred care. Over four days, participants learn how to create a culture where residents’ voices are solicited and welcomed, heard and respected. The goal is to embrace a person-directed approach to caring for residents where flexibility and self-determination is embraced and practiced.

Dementiability Methods Training & Implementation

DementiAbility is an innovative program that was developed by Gail Elliot, a Canadian gerontologist and dementia specialist. This training challenges staff to:

  • Think differently about dementia and dementia care,
  • Understand that responsive behaviours have meaning,
  • See themselves as problem-solvers and teammates, and
  • Make a fundamental shift from task-oriented care to person-centered care.

This means seeing the person behind the dementia, and making time to learn about his/her life, family, career, interests, habits, preferences for social engagement, etc. Because this personal information – combined with observations of behaviour – help staff to answer key questions like, “How can we change our approach, or adapt this resident’s environment to create a better outcome.

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