Throughout his life, Lionel Poirier has been a force for positive change 


When Lionel Poirier moved into St. Patrick’s Home in April 2016, he brought with him the positive energy, good humour and skill for community-building that he is so well-known for. In short order, Lionel knew the names of staff, residents and volunteers, and had identified the ways that he would participate in, and contribute to Home life.

He joined St. Patrick’s Choir, and more tellingly, became an active member of the Resident’s Council where his keen interest in the operations of the Home, as well as the health, happiness and safety of residents have led to many important recommendations. These include the development a Bible Study group, the launch of a resident-led Inspection Committee that monitors the wear and tear on our new facility, the revitalization of our Traveling Tuck Shop, and the recruitment of volunteers who can teach residents how to use new technologies, like an iPad.

Born in Cornwall in 1935, Lionel grew up as a proud member of the Francophone community. He became a teacher at Alexandria School when he was just 20 years of age, and married Maureen Brown in 1957. Together they raised three daughters and two sons, and were married for nearly 60 years.

img_6587After nine years of teaching, Lionel went on to hold positions as the Coordinator of Bilingualism and Dean of Applied Arts at Algonquin College, then moved to the Ministry of Colleges and Universities in Toronto. Throughout his career and retirement, Lionel volunteered in the community and was a devoted advocate for the development of francophone education. In fact, he was one of the driving forces behind the creation of La Cité collégiale, in Ottawa.

Accordingly, it’s been no surprise to Lionel’s family that he is now Vice President of the Resident’s Council and a loyal supporter of the Foundation’s Annual Soirée. “I’m just doing my part to make each resident’s stay here as happy as possible,” says Lionel.

Lionel and Marilyn Ellis,

now married, met at St.

Patrick’s Home where

Marilyn is a dedicated

volunteer. Here they’re

attending the El Morocco

event held in April 2018.