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Essential Medical Equipment

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Essential Medical Equipment

Your Support Matters Here 

Donations help to provide staff with the equipment, tools and resources they need to do their jobs well, safely and with great care. St. Patrick’s Home currently needs:

  1. Therapeutic mattresses shift a resident’s position in bed to reduce pressure on their body and prevent bed sores.

3. Sara Lifts are mobile and can be moved in/out of a resident’s room or bathroom to assist them in moving from a sit to a stand position. An integrated scale allows staff to measure residents’ weight.

2. Ceiling lifts (including motors and slings) are installed in residents’ rooms to ensure safe, comfortable transfers from bed to wheelchair, and back again.

4. MaxiMove LCD is an ergonomic, sling lift that can be operated by a single operator to safely transfer residents with limited mobility or strength.

5. Palliative care sleeper chairs provide a loved one or volunteer with a comfortable place to rest. The chair transforms into a bed as needed.