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Every St. Patrick’s Home Foundation project directly benefits our residents.

Join Leaders ‘n Pearls

OUR COLLABORATIVE efforts, ideas and decisions will not only further rally more women to come to the support of seniors but YOUR LEADERSHIP and SUPPORT along with your Fellow Founding Members will help fund innovative therapeutic, palliative and spiritual care for our Residents.ONG TERM CARE is NOT about end of life but truly is about QUALITY OF LIFE.

WE VALUE YOUR INFLUENTIAL LEADERSHIP as a member of “Leaders ‘n Pearls”, St. Patrick’s Home Foundation’s Women’s Giving Circle of Philanthropy and look forward to MAKING A DIFFERENCE TOGETHER FOR OUR SENIORS.


  • Last year in Canada, seniors accounted for a record high of nearly 15% of the population.
  • By the time that all the baby boomers have reached 65 years of age, the population of seniors may be as high as 25% of the general population.
  • 78% of older Canadians are concerned with having access to high quality home and long-term care in their retirement years.
  • Moving patients who need long-term or home care out of hospitals would save the health care system about $2.3 billion a year.


How many Founding Members are in the Leaders ‘n Pearls Giving Circle?  Our goal is to have 25 Founding Members and grow from there!  We welcome members at all levels of philanthropic experience.

What’s expected of a member?  We welcome members at varying levels of income, wealth and philanthropic experience.  Members are obliged to commit to the $3000 total pledge over a 3 year period.  Some members will pledge their commitment in support of our Giving Circle while others will be more active.  We welcome both types of members and leave it to each member to decide on the level of engagement that best suits her needs and schedule.

How often do we meet?  St. Pat’s Home Foundation will host 4 quarterly meetings.  We will also extend invitations to all members  updates on a variety of opportunities to engage more directly with our Residents,  participate in special fundraising events and join our staff and board members for special milestone celebrations such as our “UNDER THE BIG TOP” Soiree celebrating our 150th Birthday.

How does the St. Pat’s Leaders ‘n Pearls Giving Circle make funding decisions? The Foundation staff will provide all members updates on the evolving and urgent needs facing our Seniors and based on research and medical team guidance ensure that the funding choices equally match to what is best suited to ensure quality of life is maintained at the highest level possible for our Residents.