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Impacting the Lives of Residents Every Day

Through their collective contributions, Leaders ‘N Pearls members have provided funding for St. Pat’s Social and Community Engagement Program, as well as music therapy.

These programs give residents the opportunity to go on social outings outside of the home (such as shopping, fishing, and shows), enjoy music performances and one-on-one music therapy. This kind of programming contributes significantly to the residents’ quality of life and their enjoyment in the home.

Here are highlights of some of the activities that Leaders ‘N Pearls have funded:

  • Bus outings to various community events, such as shopping, Christmas Lights, an afternoon of billiards, fishing trip, and attending St. Pat’s annual Soirée
  • Taxi travel was provided for many smaller groups to go out to Tim Horton’s, Dairy Queen, various festivals and visits to museums
  • A performance from Junkyard Symphony at St. Pat’s Home
  • Purchased a number of electronic pianos, iPads and CD players for the various Resident Home Areas

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Leaders ‘N Pearls members get together twice a year to network, have fun and determine how they’d like to direct their donations to best support the residents at St. Pat’s.

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