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Every St. Patrick’s Home Foundation project directly benefits our residents.

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Q: What is the Foundation’s legal name?

A: Our legal name, and the proper beneficiary for your gift, is St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Foundation.

Q: What is the Foundation’s mailing address?

A: St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Foundation
2865 Riverside Drive
Ottawa, Ontario K1V 8N5

Q: How can I make a donation to the Home?

A: Donations can be made online, by calling the Foundation at 613-731-4660 Ext 353 or by mail.

Q: Can I hold an event to raise funds for the Home?

A: Yes! Each year, hundreds of caring individuals and groups raise money for the Home in their own creative ways by hosting community events. These events include everything from bake sales and golf tournaments to rummage sales.

Q: Why do I receive mail from the Foundation?

A: The Foundation contacts its supporters or potential donors a few times a year by mail and email. The purpose of these mailings is to provide information on our Home and the Foundation activities and to generate additional support.

Q: Can I be removed from the Foundation’s mailing list?

A: Yes. Please submit your request to be removed from the mailing list by phone at 613-731-4660 Ext 353 or by mail. Please include your name and address. You can also sign up to receive our information electronically.