Donor Impact Report

Every St. Patrick’s Home Foundation project directly benefits our Residents.

Your Support Impacts the Lives of our Residents

You help ensure the very best care is delivered by funding the purchase of medical equipment and therapeutic programs that keep our seniors’ bodies, minds and spirits engaged. The work of St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Foundation has a direct impact of the lives of St. Patrick’s Home residents and we couldn’t do it without you!

Thank you for making 2017 a special year at St. Patrick’s Home.

As a supporter and member of our community, you play an important role in improving the quality of life for our residents and bringing them joy. Enjoy this look back on the year and see all that you’ve helped accomplish. We couldn’t do it without you!

Here are 5 extraordinary things you made happen in the past year:

  1. You helped residents stay connected through the Community Engagement Program
  2. You brought new and enhanced therapy programs to our residents
  3. You provided comfort to our residents through the Palliative and spiritual Care program
  4. You helped care for seniors with the purchase of medical equipment
  5. You helped fund education and training for our staff

Read more about the impact you’re having in our Gratitude Report.

You helped seniors stay connected to their community by funding day trips to various festivals, coffee shops, music events and many more outings, your support provided comfort to our residents through visits from our palliative and spiritual care team, and you helped purchase state-of-the-art medical equipment.
On behalf of the St. Patrick’s Home Foundation team and the seniors who benefit from our on-going support, we Thank You!
Ruth Catana
Executive Director of St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Foundation

Financial Statements

St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa Foundation, through its philanthropic activities and the support of donors, assists St. Patrick’s Home in securing the resources required to fulfill and enhance its mission of caring.

To this end, the Foundation considers its mandate to be:

  • Ensure responsible and ethical management of Foundation resources;
  • Identify, in collaboration with the Home, immediate and future charitable requirements essential to the maintenance of quality service consistent with the Home’s mission and values;
  • Seek increased charitable and volunteer support for the Home through fundraising and goodwill;
  • Develop and strengthen relationships with donors, volunteers, board members, medical and Home staff, and with the communities we serve;
  • Promote St. Pat’s distinctive achievements and specialties, as well as its future direction, through communications; and
  • Pursue a high level of commitment and professional excellence in Foundation activities

Thank you for your gifts and for being part of the St. Pat’s family. For more information view our registered charity listing on the Canada Revenue Agency website.

If you would like to receive a copy of the Foundation’s Financial Statements, please contact us at If you have any questions or would like to know more about the impact you’re having, please contact Ruth Catana, Executive Director, at 613-731-4660.

When asked why she likes living at St. Pat’s, she always answers “because I feel safe here” and “they are so kind to me here”.


Resident of St. Patrick's Home of Ottawa