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Today, seniors entering long-term care are older and have more complex medical needs than ever before. The number of long-term care residents over the age of 85 continues to grow. At St. Pat’s 9 out of 10 of our residents are coping with some type of cognitive challenge in addition to age-related physical diseases.

According to the Ontario Long-Term Care Association, “Only 10% of long-term care residents today have full cognitive ability. More seniors today require support with activities of daily living than ever before, and a growing number suffer from more than one chronic illness, not to mention underlying psychiatric conditions.”

Here at St. Pat’s, our approach to care is guided by the overarching philosophy of “person-centred care”. We treat our residents and their families as equal partners in the planning, development and assessment of their care, to ensure it meets their physical and emotional needs most effectively.

We believe that this starting point of person-centred care recognizes our residents’ unique values, interests and personal histories. We also believe that providing programs and services that meet the unique needs of each of our residents will lead to more positive outcomes.

At. St. Patrick’s Home, we want to fundamentally change how long-term care is delivered. We believe a long-term care home is about more than providing health and safety. It’s about enhancing quality of life and transforming our residents’ lives, by going beyond excellent physical; care to address emotional and spiritual needs as well.


Join Us On This Journey 

You Can Be A Hero For Our Seniors

You can help us continue to transform long-term seniors’ care, ensuring our residents live with dignity, compassion and respect while receiving extraordinary care. With your support of our strategic funding priorities, you’ll be a hero for our seniors, ensuring we can continue to meet their complex physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

If you would like to read more about our current priority areas, click here.

As we look to the future, we hope you will join us on the next step of our shared journey. By joining a hero’s journey, you will have a profound impact on the incredible men and women who call St. Pat’s their home.

Our Vision For The Future

To Care For Them As They Cared For Us

Our vision is simple: we want to provide our seniors with the highest quality of care, within a welcoming home where everyone feels supported and cared for.

In order to continue to both enhance the quality of life of our residents and transform their care experiences, St. Patricks Home of Ottawa Foundation is embarking on a campaign to raise $697,000 over the next three years. 

Our 7 Strategic Funding Priorities:

  • Palliative and Spiritual Care Program
  • Music Programs
  • Medical Equipment: Providing Comfort and Safety, Every Day
  • Therapeutic Programs: Bringing Joy and Camaraderie to Residents
  • Horticultural Therapy Programs
  • Palliative and Spiritual Care Commemorative Healing Garden: A Quiet, Healing Heaven
  • Excelling in Care: Education & Training of Staff

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